Glass Bead Peening

Glass bead is a cost effective and versatile media that can be utilized for peening, metal cleaning, finishing, and light deburring.

Glass Bead used by National Peening & Technical Metal Finishing meets the requirements of AMS 2431/6.


  • Rapid results: clean, finish, peen and deburr in one step
  • Controlled results: clean finish without significant metal removal or changing tolerances
  • Versatile: create a wide range of reproducible surface finishes
  • Economical: can be recycled/reused many times
  • Chemically inert: no ferrous or other residues

Glass Bead Facts

  • Large Beads Remove larger, tougher soils.
  • Peen to more intense levels.
  • Peen to deeper zones in surface.
  • Produce higher surface profile.
  • Produce brighter surface.
  • Fine Beads Remove smaller, lighter soil.
  • Yield more impacts per pound.
  • Clean faster.
  • Peen to less intense levels.
  • Reach into keyways, fillets, and small areas.
  • Produce lower surface profile.
  • Produce matte finish.

Typical Properties

  • Shape spherical
  • Color clear
  • Hardness (Knoop) 515
  • Compressive strength 36,000 psi (avg.)
  • Density 2.5 g/cc
  • Specific Gravity 2.45-2.50
  • Free silica content 0%