• Prevents fatigue failure in metal parts
  • Allows existing part designs to function at higher stress levels
  • Prevents stress corrosion cracking in metal parts and pressure vessels
  • Enhances lubricity on gear teeth and other bearing surfaces
  • Produces uniform textured surface finishes for special coatings adhesion and cosmetic requirements
  • Work hardens mating surfaces to prevent fretting and galling
  • Forming and straightening metal parts without inducing surface tensile stresses
  • Closes porosity in castings and powdered metal components

Specific Product Improvements

  • Spring life increased 400% to 1000%
  • Gear life increased 500%
  • Drive Pinion life increased 40% to 400%
  • Steering knuckle life increased up to 120%
  • Crankshaft life increased 100% to 1000%

Experience has shown, and science has proven, stress cracks will not initiate or propagate in compressively stressed regions of the material. Essentially, all metal fatigue failure occurs at or near the surface of the part.